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'Why do I need a website?'

  • Boost Business Credibility


    Boost Business Credibility

    Having a website is a common standard now and is expected for validity. Not only that, it helps you to brand your business which is great to develop your business!

  • Showcase your Products Effectively


    Showcase your Products Effectively

    It's an effective method to showcase your products and services in the way you want it, being able to design your page to how you want!

  • Customer Support{@br/}{@br/}


    Customer Support

    Allows for a increase in customer support as there is a clear way to receive/show feedback from your customers.

With 5+ years of development experience, get in touch today to see what we can do for you!



Through many years of UX/UI research we can work with you to design the optimal website for your business.


We can develop based on the previous steps, turning your vision into a reality


We can enable your business to grow through Local SEO which includes key word research & Google recognition so customers come to you first!


'I deliberated for quite some time about the possibility of having a website to complement and promote my health, fitness, and well-being business. I had an idea of the kind of website which may be suitable, but was unsure on much of the detail: I was looking for a clean and easy to navigate site which simply projected my services and equally, my personality. I sought the help and guidance from Imran, and had the opportunity to discuss my ideas.

Our interactions were entirely through email and video calls. This was an absolute essential attribute for two reasons: first and foremost was the continuing threat from Covid-19, and the subsequent restrictions which had been implemented; secondly was the issue of geographic location – we live at opposite sides of the country and this fact alone would have made the whole exercise uneconomical, and not forgetting, tiresome too.

Read more...Anyhow, back to the development of the website. Once I had voiced my ideas, a short while later, Imran presented the backbones of a website which had just enough substance for one to be able to envisage, not only what the website may look like, but also, how it would function. As we continued to work together, every idea I had put forward was deliberated upon, and then discussed with myself to ensure seamless integration and, that the core design brief was being maintained: the website was evolving.

After several weeks the project was nearing completion, but having a very clear idea of what I wanted from my website, one might have suspected that Imran would have been getting somewhat frustrated by the seemingly endless tweaks and modifications I was requesting. However, I must confess that Imran continued to work with complete decorum and professionalism.

I now have a website I am proud to call my own, and which integrates perfectly with my business philosophy. Imran has proven to be a patient and knowledgeable web developer who applied his expertise to my vision, and developed a website to my exacting requirements.

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Highly recommended.

-  Altogether Fitness

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